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Contributions in eleed
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  1. Inside the Router

    e-learning and education, Iss. 14

    In the virtual reality (VR) learning game Inside the Router, learners take on the typical tasks of a home router as if they were part of the home router itself. From the first-person perspective, data packets must be forwarded, and network addresses translated and assigned. The VR learning game is designed to deepen procedural knowledge about IP-Routing and Network Address Translation (NAT). Basic knowledge about the structure of IP addresses including ports as well as the structure of networks is assumed as prior knowledge. The VR learning game is therefore to be seen as a supplement to existing school learning settings regarding networks. In addition to the correct use of NAT and the assignment of packets to clients, the game mechanics include catching and throwing packets as well as a scoring system, consisting of a speed test of the home router by tracking speed and correct assignments of packages.