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  1. Against the Tide

    e-learning and education, Iss. 11

    In his most recent publication, Against the Tide: Critics of Digitalisation, Otto Peters brings together some of the most formidable and critical voices and compelling perspectives on the potential hazards of digitalization. The viewpoints presented range from personal, anthropological, and pedagogical to more scientific and technical, and arise from multiple disciplines. Peters has long been a respected scholar in the field of distance education, and while Peters’ earlier work has advocated the affordances of digitalization, this latest book is an abrupt shift to the darker side of digitalization. The assembly of critics Peters has gathered come from around the world and different walks of life: journalists, educators, scientists, philosophers, lawyers, mathematicians, and computer scientists, to name a few. Their one shared bond is a deep-seated belief that digitalization will have a profound and lasting impact on humankind – and not only in positive ways. ...