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  1. Using Moodle as a support tool for teaching in Higher Education in Portugal: an exploratory study

    e-learning and education, Iss. 8

    The use of virtual learning environments in Higher Education (HE) has been growing in Portugal, driven by the Bologna Process. An example is the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that translates an opportunity to leverage the use of technological advances in the educational process. The progress of information and communication technologies (ICT) coupled with the great development of Internet has brought significant challenges to educators that require a thorough knowledge of their implementation process. These field notes present the results of a survey among teachers of a private HE institution in its use of Moodle as a tool to support face-to-face teaching. A research methodology essentially of exploratory nature based on a questionnaire survey, supported by statistical treatment allowed to detect motivations, type of use and perceptions of teachers in relation to this kind of tool. The results showed that most teachers, by a narrow margin (58%), had not changed their pedagogical practice as a consequence of using Moodle. Among those that did 67% attended institutional internal training. Some of the results obtained suggest further investigation and provide guidelines to plan future internal training.