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  1. Open European Nephrology Science Center

    e-learning and education, Iss. 8

    The Open European Nephrology Science Center is the single center for scientific data in a medical domain supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Althrough the medical domain of nephrology is very small compared to others e.g. carcinoma the diseases of this domain have a high impact for the patients and for society. The diagnosis and treatment of these relative rare diseases are a challenge for clinicians, pathologists and other experts. There is a need to improve the data management to enhance the scientific work by support of study recruitment and explorative data analysis. The Open European Nephrology Science Center represents an organisational structure as a model for scientific collaboration and data collection as well as a web based plattform for cientific data management. It covers all aspects of data integration, retrieval and presentation and includes clinical data and Virtual Slides (such called Whole Slide Images (WSI)). Especially two aspects are different to comparable systems: Besides an user management a specialized ticket system covers the resource rights of the data owner. A very flexible database structure based on RDF model (Resource Description Framework) allows an integration of any kind of resource from any medical domain.