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Contributions in eleed
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  1. Learning Innovations and Quality: „The Future of Digital Resources“

    e-learning and education, Iss. 10

    Learning Innovations and Learning Quality: The two main objectives to foster improvements in learning, education and training and the two core ingredients for learning success and impact. They are focused by many different theories and diverse practices. And they are more and more required due the increasing speed of globalization and changes in communities, economies, technologies and societies worldwide. This book demonstrates the need for combining learning innovations and learning quality from various perspectives: The scientific articles address the different ways of formal, non-formal and informal learning and all the educational sectors from kindergarten, school, university to lifelong learning. Particular emphasis is put on the current opportunities provided by digital resources: How can we benefit from their potential and increase their (open) access and re-usage in learning, education and training? Thus, the book contributes to the current debate on opening up education towards new and innovative learning practices and online communities: To integrate learning innovations and learning quality into a holistic and sustainable vision and approach for modernizing learning, education and training in our society.